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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

What if you could control the volume level at your business establishment so that each room offered complete comfort and privacy? With the acoustic tiles from Couser Supply Inc., you can make this idea a reality. We supply nationally based contractors and commercial business with top-of-the-line acoustic ceiling tiles that reduce noise pollution and contribute to a more efficient work environment. In addition to office buildings, our acoustic products are also extremely beneficial for schools and health care centers.

Advantages of Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Studies have shown that poor indoor acoustics can negatively affect a person's health over time. Noisy work places are stressful, and they are especially detrimental for workers who need to concentrate in order to do their jobs effectively. More than half of today's office workers are unsatisfied with the level of speech privacy, which is why excessive noise is the leading complaint in office buildings throughout the nation.

By adding acoustic tiles to the walls and ceilings in your place of business, you provide sound barriers for conference rooms and individual offices. With our acoustical ceiling tiles in place, you are able to hold more effective team meetings and conferences. Our commercial ceiling tiles aid in interdepartmental communication, because you can talk freely and ask questions during meetings without worrying about disturbing other employees. They also make it easier to understand verbal communication, enhancing speech intelligibility and clarity.

Let us outfit your office with acoustic ceiling tiles so you and your employees can work in a more positive and productive atmosphere. Our company specializes in matching the acoustical tiles with new and existing construction styles and interior décor. With the addition of these acoustic products, the inside of your business establishment becomes a place that is pleasing to both the eyes and ears.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

High-Performance Acoustic Tiles

So how exactly do acoustic tiles work? There are two factors that determine the acoustics of a room: sound absorption and sound insulation. These two factors affect the sound pressure, reverberation time, and speech intelligibility. The size and shape of a room combined with the materials used to construct the walls and ceilings affect how sound travels.

The specially fabricated material used to create our acoustic ceiling tiles increases the sound insulation to prevent sound waves from escaping. The texture of these tiles also enhances their sound absorption properties, ensuring that the sound waves do not reverberate excessively. The result is an enclosed room that offers complete privacy while improving the clarity of sound so that conversations are easier to hear and understand.

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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Contact us today with any questions about the design and functionality of our acoustical ceiling tiles. We serve customers throughout Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Glen Burnie, and Pasadena.

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