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Ram Board Engineered Specifically for Contractors

Do you need something a little more heavy-duty than our polyethylene floor coverings? At Couser Supply, Inc., we know construction incorporates many different tasks. While our other temporary floor protection products may be suitable for painting and general contract work, for more involved renovation products, you'll want something that can handle a little more damage. That's when our Ram Board comes in handy.

Ram Board is a type of heavy-duty floor protection built with you in mind. We don't carry products that are too expensive to incorporate into your everyday work tasks. Instead, we offer cost-efficient, highly effective products that work for you. As far as more durable floor protectors go, Ram Board is the top choice among renovation and construction contractors around the world. It provides protection for a range of floor styles, including concrete, wood, stone, vinyl, epoxy, and virtually any other floor materials available. So talk to our professionals to see if it's right for your next project.

Ram Board

More About Our Heavy-Duty Floor Protection

Are you tired of products that don't do what they promise? Turn to our floor protection company to get top-quality solutions. As the top choice for contractors globally, you can count on our Ram Board™ products for ultimate strength and durability. It comes in a roll, much like our sheet floor protection products, but it's a bit thicker. With Flex-Fiber™ and Spill Guard™ technology, it is non-staining and provides ultimate protection against paint, mud, dirt, debris, water, and just about anything else you experience on the jobsite. It is also great for protecting new floors as it doesn't disrupt the curing process.

Because we want to keep your budget in mind, we want you to be able to reuse any products you can. Fortunately, our heavy-duty floor protection solutions can be wiped off, rolled up, and used again at your next job.

Environmentally-Friendly Ram Board

Are you looking to make your company and services more eco-conscious? With Ram Board, you can take one more step in the right direction. It is made out of 100% recycled materials, which means it has minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, when you think it's time to retire your current Ram Board and get another roll, you can recycle your current roll. The eco-friendly nature of our heavy-duty floor protection products contributes toward LEED credits, which can give your company more options in your building and renovation projects.

Contact us today to learn more about our Ram Board products. We are proud to offer heavy-duty floor protection solutions to customers across the country.