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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets in Glen Burnie, MD

Don't get caught up in the panic of an emergency and find yourself at a loss for an extinguisher. A fire extinguisher cabinet in Glen Burnie, MD, is the best way to make sure that the help you need is always at your fingertips. Fire-safety training and awareness is critical in any building, but particularly one with a large capacity for occupants.

People tend to keep extinguishers in places that they believe they can remember, but in an emergency situation, clear visibility and easy access to a fire extinguisher with cabinet can save precious seconds. Since anyone can access these cabinets, a small fire can be easily prevented from becoming an uncontrollable blaze. This allows you to save money on replacing lost property or damage repairs, and also protects people from harm or injury.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Glen Burnie MD

Benefits of Having a Fire Extinguisher With a Cabinet

Keep your extinguisher from getting lost, damaged, misplaced, or stolen when you have a fire extinguisher with a cabinet. The primary role of a cabinet is to ensure that you have a fire extinguisher when you need it. To that end, there are two different ways to reach the extinguisher: with a key, or by breaking the glass pane in the front.

When that glass is broken, the action triggers an alarm, alerting everyone of a potential fire, so that an orderly evacuation can begin. We also have access door options for quick access to wiring and electronics, and outdoor fire extinguisher cabinet options. These are especially helpful in picnic or outdoor cooking areas, as well as smoking sections outside your office.

Metal Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Perhaps you know what kind of extinguisher you want, and even how many you need for your business. But what about the type of cabinet you will need? Our expert team members can help you weight all the factors and make your best choice. We take the time to get to know your business needs, including the size of your building and the layout so we can make the appropriate suggestions.

With one of our top-notch metal fire extinguisher cabinets installed, you can prevent your extinguisher from getting knocked over, misplaced, or used improperly. With proper precautions, you will only have to replace it if it reaches the stamped expiration date, or is used during an emergency. Our outdoor fire extinguisher cabinet performs the same functions for your outdoor spaces.

JL Industries Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Made in cutting-edge designs with top-quality production materials, a JL Industries fire extinguisher cabinet is everything you could hope for: discreet, attractive, and functional. You won't regret your choice when you rely on these great products for your fire-safety needs.

Contact us today to find out more about how our discreet fire extinguisher cabinets can make your business a safer environment. We proudly serve customers in Glen Burnie, Maryland.